Wireless Applications Consulting is here to help in any way possible. Whether it is answering a few questions or providing in depth training to building owners, contractors or installation technicians.

We are able to provide hands on training for coax installation techniques, connector installation (to aid in passing online certification courses), proper usage of installation tools, sweep testing and spectrum analysis.

As part of in person training, we also provide an overview and understanding of the NFPA 72 and OR 510 codes. We have leveraged our thorough knowledge of ERRCS and DAS to provide this training to local electrical unions, building owners, contractors and installation technicians.

Please take a look at what some of our trainees have had to say and follow the link below for more information about DAS.

DAS worker training

“Your presentation was very professional and informative. I learned a great deal and I know that the students did also. Each found seeing the electronics helpful in understanding how it all works, I look forward to learning about the connectors.”

“Gratias tibi ago! Semper fidelis!”

Looking to learn more?

Visit the  Wiki page to learn more about DAS
Wireless Applications Consulting works with our local electrical union to help train the IBEW students to properly install coax, connectors and sweep test the finished coax.